Benedictine CARE Wellness Program

Welcome to your new approach to preventative health rooted in a 1500-year-old tradition. In Benedictine CARE, we are going to stay tethered to the monastic values of Stability, Stewardship, and Community despite living within a culture that fiercely defends individualism, control, and instant gratification. We are going to integrate Lifestyle as Medicine with Contemplative Living and flip the whole paradigm of current health beliefs. Here you are. Again, welcome.

6 Chapters

Please Note: New chapters are available at the rate of one per month (this is to allow you time to experience the practices in the current chapter you are reading). Each date that you can access a new chapter is indicated below.

To begin the program, simply click on the blue link for Benedictine CARE Chapter 1: Stability of Intention. All instructions for accessing program materials and how to progress is provided within the Chapter. Reminder: you must be logged in to access private member areas including program content.

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