Benedictine CARE Program Details

CARE provides you with stable guidance when you know you can't control everything needed to move forward but you don't know what to do instead

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Aligning what you want to do, with what you actually do

A core teaching in contemplative practices is to become aware of the influence of our true, divinely-led Self on the quality of our presence and actions compared to the influence of our “false-self” system (the source of all that loud negative self-talk). In Benedictine CARE, we apply this wisdom to understanding how the false self influences and sustains our default behavior patterns. Those go-to habits like eating to alleviate discomfort, eating to appease the desire for instant gratification and pleasure, or trying to perfectly control our lifestyles to finally “feel better” or “feel good enough.

What You Get with Benedictine CARE

Facilitators with Advanced Degrees and Training

  • Real people, not AI coaches
  • Experienced and trained in their respective fields
  • Each facilitator has 5+ years in personal contemplative practices; companion with individuals taking wellness steps with you

Meet your team

Program Materials with Detailed Structure

  • Build your foundation with immediate access to Chapter 1: Stability of Intention
  • Each chapter provides stable scaffolding for you to navigate contemplative practices, lifestyle as medicine choices, and reframing true community

See a full outline of the chapters

Weekly Meeting Options for Feedback and Support

  • In-person and Zoom options
  • Attend a core, 90-minute group meeting each month (select primary group at enrollment)
  • Attend optional weekly practice group meetings when supportive, 30-60 minute options
  • Active participation through sharing and talking is not required, explore the difference of a monastic-based community

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Watch Intro Video Part 1

Hear how the Benedictine Tradition can help reform our approach to Holistic Health.

Watch Intro Video Part 2

Now, hear more on how Benedictine CARE is an embodied experience of bio-spirituality.

Explore a different way forward.

Join us as we challenge the current health belief that change is only possible through unsustainable individualized effort and willpower. Explore the “what if” that knows you don’t have to “fix yourself, by yourself” before you can find true wellness.

If this speaks to you, this program is for you.

Member Testimonials

“I have felt a disconnect between my body and mind all my life. Biospiritual focusing has taught me to listen to my body, and to appreciate everything it does for me…food prepping becomes less of a chore when I consider it a way to nurture my body. Such a mind shift! The community aspects of Benedictine CARE are always present and caring. Teri has helped to create a safe space for everyone to be themselves without any judgment.”

“The Benedictine wellness program appealed to me because losing weight was not my only problem. I also wanted to know why I was eating and how to stop this pattern. So the Biospiritual part of the program was very different and gave me insight and tools to change my eating into a healthy living lifestyle.”

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Please note: Benedictine CARE is a wellness formation program and does not provide medical nutrition therapy. The Benedictine Center, St. Paul’s Monastery, and Benedictine Wellness Services are not held liable for the information provided. Program members assume all liability when implementing the education provided through CARE programs and assume all responsibility in confirming with their medical doctors that there are no considerations with prescriptions, current medical conditions, or medical history.