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“After struggling to lose what I assumed was weight that would be impossible to lose due to middle age, working with Teri showed me how to give my body the nutrients that it needed to work the way bodies are supposed to work. Her approach gives you the scientific why your body needs certain foods to operate efficiently as well as dealing with ways to effectively deal with stress and other obstacles in a completely healthy way. I was glad to see that she does not say no to dairy or gluten as well. Teri’s approach is about much more than weight loss and recipes (although the meal planning software is awesome!), it gets to the root of how to prevent bad habits from creeping back into your life. My partner and I did it together and we have really enjoyed learning everything together. Teri is wonderful!”

Jennifer, Bloomington, MN

I have tried so many different approaches to staying healthy and have never encountered something so useful as CARE.  I thought I knew everything there was to know about health.  I’m 57 and I’ve always been a nutritional junkie.  When I finished my time with CARE, I felt like I had finished a college course packed with so much exciting new information.

The thing that is so unique to what CARE has to offer (a credit to Teri Rose and her multi-faceted background) is that CARE offers the whole package. You can’t get your health under control until you face what is going on emotionally.  CARE teaches you how to curtail emotional eating and how to find alternative methods for stress.  CARE teaches you how to be your authentic self and all the psychosis behind making change in your life. CARE is so motivating because it doesn’t just teach you what you need to do, it teaches you why you need to do it and gives you very simple and concrete ways to do it. I love one of the CARE mantras:  “Be nice to your cells. If we treat our body poorly, our cells have to fight the damage we do rather than work for us”.  I am still using CARE’s “how to make getting healthy easy” tips.  Fabulous ideas!!  I’m still cooking the meals and many of them have become lifetime family favorites.  I’ve served one of the CARE meals to special dinner guests who insisted I send them the recipe as soon as possible.

The thing I loved about CARE is it teaches you that any change is good.  We seem to have this all or nothing mentality and if we screw up, we eat chocolate and doughnuts for a week.  CARE gets you out of that mindset.  CARE teaches you how to be forgiving of yourself and how to find gratitude in every moment that you take care of yourself. They all add up.   That concept was huge for me!!!!!  CARE taught me that self-care was not a selfish thing.  That was a big change for me as well.  Self-care should be our highest priority so we can be all we can be for our loved ones and our life ambitions.  On top of all of this; CARE teaches you how to balance your life.. to determine what your values and goals are and how they affect your health.  I could go on.  In a nutshell,  CARE teaches you all of the components of good health and it is much more than what you put in your mouth.

Linda, Minneapolis, MN

“I just wanted to say thank you for your contribution to our community through CARE.  Your excitement about my success is so infectious and encouraging. Your work and person have blessed me greatly already and for that I thank you.”

Wanda, Maple Grove, MN

“I have struggled with my weight my entire adult life especially after my kids, and have tried almost everything under the sun. With that being said this is the best weight loss program that I have ever been involved in! Teri’s program takes you through everything from looking at what a plate looks like, exercise, to stress management. Meeting in a small group setting (or one on one) every week on zoom allows you to feel comfortable talking about personal feelings during your journey. Teri helps you keep your goals small and attainable to want to keep coming back. Teri also helps you understand the nutrition and science behind food, exercise, and brain functions. Anyone that wants this to be the last time they try to lose weight I would highly recommend this program because it’s welcoming, informative, and perfectly priced to not break the bank.”

Robin, Coon Rapids, MN

“Unlike other programs that tell you everything you do now is wrong and you should change everything today, Teri helps incorporate incremental changes that ultimately have a dramatic impact.  My fasting blood sugar decreased from 106 (for several years in a row) to 81 and my cholesterol decreased by 20 as well.  I also eat a better variety of food and feel more empowered to modify meals I’ve eaten as part of my meal plan for many years to include more variety and improved nutritional balance.  I’ve also made it through several extremely stressful health and life events (change in job, death in my family, health events) that normally would have resulted in a weight increase while successfully maintaining my weight.”  

Jennifer, St. Louis Park, MN

“CARE is different for me because I thought I already knew how to eat ‘healthy’.  I ate what we hear are ‘healthy foods’ and I avoided fast food and ‘fake foods’, but it wasn’t until CARE that I really started to understand how to use these healthy foods ‘purposefully’ (I word I hadn’t ever applied to my diet until I was introduced to it in CARE).  Now I use food not just to manage my weight but to take care of my whole self.  My mood, my digestion, my heart, my immune system – all of me.”  

Theresa, Minneapolis, MN

“I can’t thank Teri enough for developing this great program and all her support. I have spent my life gaining and losing weight on ALL the popular diet plans and when I had chocked down my last prepared/powdered meal that I could take, I started looking for something different. I was a little skeptical at first as I am quite a good cook and for the most part eat whole foods (when not on a crappy diet!) But there was so much to learn about building a balanced plate and eating for health. It is still a journey for me and I could always exercise a little more, but I have the tools and I feel so much better. This is one of the best things I have ever done for myself.”

Kelly, Eagan, MN

“Teri is so knowledgeable and passionate about teaching you a healthy lifestyle …you will become passionate about your own health and well being too! She is SUCH a great coach/teacher … motivating and encouraging!”

Annie, Inver Grove, MN

“Thank you so much for creating so many avenues for people to gain knowledge about living a healthy life.  Not only do you share your expertise with others, but you do so with a sincerity and caring that communicates to your clients that you really do care about their health.”

Pat, Burnsville, MN

“It is a good combination of written material and online guidance.  It is a program created for those of us that need (still) basic information on the science of food and the body.  It is also a program that can be taken in very small bites or large ones depending on the individual and their set of circumstances. Since the program material is spread out over 6 months we have time to implement changes that have the opportunity to be sustainable versus short-lived.”

Sarah, St Paul, MN

“A huge thank you to all of you at Perfectly Produce! Your entire staff not only gives sound advice, but everyone really seems to care. I get it! I love being a part of this journey towards understanding and living all around wellness. Thank you thank you!”

Kelley, St Paul, MN

“CARE has been different for me mostly because it just makes so much sense! It is teaching me to eat the right types and amount of foods to keep my body energized and healthy. I don’t crave unnecessary foods as much because I eat enough to begin with. I feel more empowered to buy, cook, and eat the best foods for me! Of course the high level of accountability doesn’t hurt either!”

Alia, Edina, MN

“For me, it’s the science behind CARE that resonates with me. Other programs that I’ve tried never explained why you should eat differently and the relationship groups of foods have to each other.  Just count points, mix this, don’t do this, drink that and stay away from this. Also, the simplicity of the program – it’s easy to follow the CARE balanced plate, and I like the emphasis on natural foods.”

Bobby, Savage, MN

“Sometimes you give up hope on trying new things, but you are desperate, so you try once again. Every once in a while you strike gold. That is how I would describe Teri Rose and her CARE program. Not only is Teri a truly gentle and compassionate soul (which is just a bonus); she is the whole package. She takes a holistic approach to your health….which is what every weight loss clinic should do. I thought I knew everything about nutrition, but she taught me so much more. She teaches you the chemistry of your body and how it reacts to what we do to it. It’s fascinating. You will learn the psychology behind poor eating habits, and will be given some awesome tools to control behavior. You will learn tricks to make cooking whole foods easy, (I’m still buying all of her Amazon recommended cooking gadgets for my friends and family). You will learn how to simply move more. Exercise does not have to be complicated. You will have access to her culinary background (yup, she has that too) and her culinary chef who have put together a large variety of recipes that are friendly to your cells and tastebuds. Teri brings all of this together in a very organized and simple to understand way so it makes it easy for busy people to do the things she teaches you. After meeting with Teri, my mind switched gears permanently in regards to my health. Just today, my married daughter asked if I would make some of the Care meals I have shared with them. It prompted this review. Teri is an intellectual genius when it comes to Caring for your health. She is locally and nationally recognized and I hope she gets her own syndicated show someday!!! I don’t dream big for everyone, but she’s the real deal.”

Linda, Minneapolis, MN