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Program Administrators and Group Facilitators

Teri Rose_Founder_Benedictine Wellness Services

Teri Rose, OblSB, Program Director

As program director, Teri’s primary role is to listen to members and respond to how they are shaping the program. Teri also enjoys her continued role as a Group Facilitator meeting weekly with members. Teri is the founder of Benedictine Wellness Services and the author of the Benedictine CARE Wellness Program. Teri has been in private practice under her former company name, Perfectly Produce Nutrition Services, for fifteen years specializing in weight loss and behavior modification programing. During this time, Teri was awarded “The Best Nutritionist in the Twin Cities” by Minnesota Monthly Magazine and featured in national media.

Teri’s resume includes:

  • Graduate degree in clinical nutrition with an emphasis on research and advanced culinary training using Food as Medicine
  • Licensure with the Minnesota Board of Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Advanced training in Biospiritual Focusing
  • Becoming a Benedictine Oblate with the Sisters of St. Paul’s Monastery in 2021

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Kami Pohl, OblSB, Facilitation Coordinator

Kami’s role is responsible for the development and management of all Group Facilitators. These are individuals that don’t simply make our meeting times more efficient; CARE Group Facilitators serve as companions and guides to the spiritual formation deepening within our community as we “turn towards”, shifting our attention back to the Divine, in the ordinariness of daily lifestyle choices. Importantly, Kami also provides individual, one-to-one, companioning sessions through spiritual direction. As Kami states,  “It can be helpful to have a companion to guide you in slowing down, pausing and lingering with whatever is emerging.”

Kami’s resume includes:

  • Graduate degree in Human Resource Development
  • Certified Spiritual Director
  • Advanced training in BioSpiritual Focusing
  • Co-Director of Oblates at St. Paul’s Monastery and Director of Initial Oblate Formation
  • Completing oblate formation, in the same class and year as Teri, in 2021

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Review Committee

Sister Linda Soler OSB Subprioress St Pauls Monastery 2_cropped

Sr. Linda Soler, OSB

Sister Linda is the Subprioress of St. Paul’s Monastery. She is also the sports chaplain at Hill-Murray School.

Jeff Dols, OblSB

Jeff Dols is a retired executive specializing in Servant Leadership. Jeff is the Co-Chair of the Oblates of St. Paul’s Monastery.

Kami Pohl, OblSB

Kami’s first exposure to Benedictine CARE was as a member of the review committee. We are thrilled to now have her ongoing presence within the program.

Travis Salisbury_cropped

Travis Salisbury, OblSB

Travis Salisbury is the Director of Mission Advancement for St. Paul’s Monastery. His role is both as a financial and community steward for the monastery. Travis completed oblate formation in 2014.

Close Mentors of the Program

Taken by S Jacqueline Ss Paula, Mary Lou, and Virginia OSB

Pictured left to right: Sr. Paula Hagen, OSB, Sr. Mary Lou Dummer, OSB, and Sr. Virginia Matter, OSB (picture taken by Sr. Jacqueline Leiter, OSB)

Though not all pictured here, every sister at St. Paul’s Monastery has been a tremendous source of encouragement, support, and wisdom for all oblates. We love you and are forever grateful for how you point us towards the Divine… deep within our own heart of hearts. And those that are pictured here, you have been significant mentors to me (Teri) personally. With all my heart, thank you. 

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