Benedictine CARE Wellness Program

Benedictine CARE Wellness Program

Spirit as healer, lifestyle as medicine

Change is an active, intentional process.

If you try to skip it, you miss moving forward. You stay stuck. Benedictine CARE provides guidance on how to practice this process. You don’t need to change anything about yourself first. Experience being valued for who you are now versus what you have heard you are supposed to be.

Integrating the Benedictine Monastic Tradition, Contemplative Practices, and Lifestyle as Medicine

Whole Foods-Based Nutrition

“Food as medicine” begins by using convenient and budget-friendly foods you already have in your kitchen. Learn the purpose of food, not just how many points it is. No supplements or meal replacements are recommended or sold.

Truly Holistic, Spirit-Led Wellness

Integrate Spirit directly into your daily wellness. No more compartmentalized “food and lifestyle choices for my body and mind here” while my “Spirit is over there.”

Innovative Wellness Formation

Use the support of up-to-date science and the 1500-year-old Benedictine wisdom tradition to find your stability and Spirit again. Shift your attention to the active process of change, to moving forward.

Experienced, Compassionate Facilitators

Companion with experienced facilitators who know how to navigate “what now” when you try to stop old habits. Skipping what happens here in this uncomfortable “void” results in temporary changes and continued feelings of failure.

“Come as you are” Community

Immediately have access to a community that accepts you exactly where you are, not judging where you should be. Experience ecumenical, contemplative community without required dogmas, ideologies, or denominations.

Applied Contemplative Practice

Move from reading about interior stillness to practicing it. Experience, with others, how contemplative practices influence the ordinariness of daily life. It’s time to move from your mind to your heart of hearts.


“The Benedictine wellness program appealed to me because losing weight was not my only problem. I also wanted to know why I was eating and how to stop this pattern. So the Biospiritual part of the program was very different and gave me insight and tools to change my eating into a healthy living lifestyle.”

“I lost post-menopausal weight which I didn’t think was possible…CARE helped me lose the weight and it feels like it’s rain that trickles down and helps nurture a better relationship with food…the synthesis of Benedictine values and bio-spiritual focusing is powerful.”

“I have felt a disconnect between my body and mind all my life. Biospiritual focusing has taught me to listen to my body, and to appreciate everything it does for me…food prepping becomes less of a chore when I consider it a way to nurture my body. Such a mind shift! The community aspects of Benedictine CARE are always present and caring. Teri has helped to create a safe space for everyone to be themselves without any judgment.”

“I have discovered in life that nothing is ever what you think it’s going to be once you get there. I wanted to learn more about more tools that could help me deal with stress, stop binge eating and settle my darn mind down! I say “more about more tools” as I tend to be the guy that listens to 3000 hours of podcasts about silence and meditation. And then once I’ve “been there and done that” I move on to reading about contemplative action! But here I am! One year into the program that I can’t fail at. Which is why I have not failed.”

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HOW to decide if Benedictine CARE is right for you?

Talk directly with one of our facilitators on a brief call where all questions are welcome. Explore if CARE might be a strong next for you, for the whole you.

We'd love to provide you with more details about the program

If your question isn’t answered here, please visit the Program Details page for video introductions, what’s included, and specifics on how the program works. You are also invited to email us at anytime.

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