Expected Rate of Weight Loss

A New Way to Think about Setting Weight Loss Goals

Benedictine CARE Wellness Program allows you to set your own health and weight loss goals. You decide what rate of weight loss is best for you within the recommended program guideline of a maximum rate of loss of two pounds per week.

In fact, we encourage you to consider making your most modest weight loss goals to-date which might even be just one pound per week.

We know what you are already thinking, but please keep reading. Let us present you with an alternative perspective. Rather than being overwhelmed by thinking how long it might take you to reach your goal weight at this pace, we would like you to consider the benefits that a modest rate of weight loss could offer.

    Benefits of Slower Rates of Weight Loss

  Peace of mind knowing that realistic, continued forward progress is better than the hamster wheel of rapid weight loss followed by regaining the loss. Today, so many people start their lifelong journey to health sprinting, only to become exhausted a short way in, revert back to old patterns, only to have to start the cycle all over again.  After enough time, you will become frustrated enough to start the sprint again (never to reach the destination). Try a new way.  Try taking just one step at a time. Enjoy the peace of mind that can result from pacing yourself.

  Enjoy making changes within your real life rather than in lieu of it. A strength of CARE is that it teaches you how to make incremental changes within your current life rather than handing you a list of expectations to fit in on top of an already full life. When you try to make all the changes defined in a book all at once, it’s like pushing your whole life behind a dam, altering how you naturally do everything to ensure you eat ALL the right food AND exercise way more than you normally do – every day just like you are supposed to.  Until the dam cracks (usually within 4-6 weeks) and your real life comes flooding back in. CARE teaches you how to make small changes in the current of life, helping you navigate those waters naturally in the direction you want.

  Feel empowered knowing you set your own health and weight loss goals. Every member of CARE has different priorities (and they should).  For some, first improving their diet quality is more important than the rate of weight loss. For others, gaining a sense of control over their kitchens and meal planning warrants their first energy. This is another strength of the CARE. CARE gives you guidance on how to decipher this for yourself. Each step of CARE outlines the goals for that particular step, but you decide how much of it you can tackle given your current schedule and demands. Remember, the goal now is just one step forward every day to finally reach the destination, no more sprinting.

    Your Journey, Your Way

Individual results and rate of weight loss vary in CARE because each individual’s success is only measured against their own unique, personal health and weight loss goals. CARE first helps you clarify and set up those goals and then becomes your mentor in helping you overcome hurdles to achieving them.

But an essential part of this success is your participation and commitment.

You are ultimately accountable for implementing the tools you learn and this accountability is ultimately what determines the results you achieve. With this being said, it sure helps with accountability if you have tools you enjoy using and that fit your current lifestyle.