“Best Nutritionist in the Twin Cities” | Awarded by MN Monthly

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Perfectly Produce Nutrition Services Awarded “Best Nutritionist in the Twin Cities” by Minnesota Monthly Magazine

Published: November 2011 issue



“Licensed nutritionist Teri Rose doesn’t buy into cleanses or gimmicky diets. Instead, she believes in the value of a good veggie or two. After some consultations and meal-planning (which take into consideration both nutrient density and portion size), your skin will start to glow and you’ll suddenly begin thinking about running that marathon after all. By following these lifestyle changes, you’re less likely to contract certain types of cancers, diabetes, or have a heart attack. Talk about preventive medicine.” – Editors of Minnesota Monthly Magazine


  1. Kathy

    Teri-all if your thoughts and comments are so rich and wise I often think I wish I had them all contained in a book -have you ever considered writing one?

    1. Teri Rose, OblSB, Program Director

      Kathy- thank you for your kind words. Over the years, the writings here and there are starting to add up! :) My attention has been on writing the programs (which if consolidated, would be a 20+ chapter book!). It is fun to see CARE members at meetings bring their printed copies of the program chapters in a full binder- it does remind me of two things: 1) there is enough material for a book, and 2) people do like having it all in one place “book/binder” for easy reference. If that “invitation” does ever present itself, I will be sure to listen. :)
      Again, thank you for the note!

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